Siddhi Pathology Center

Information about Siddhi Pathology Center in Basti. The information includes contact details like phone numbers, emails, contact person and directions to pathology labs etc.

In Basti, Siddhi Pathology Center is a well-known Pathology Lab. It is located in Awas Vikas Colony, Near Kali Mandir in Basti and provides high-quality service in affordable cost.

Opening Hours

DaysOpening & Closing Time
Monday10:00 AM - 07:30 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM - 07:30 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM - 07:30 PM
Thursday10:00 AM - 07:30 PM
Friday10:00 AM - 07:30 PM
Saturday10:00 AM - 07:30 PM
Sunday10:00 AM - 07:30 PM

Other Details:

  • Address: Awas Vikas Colony, Near Kali Mandir, Basti
  • Website:
  • Estd:
  • Email:
  • Contact: 09935238287

Location Map

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